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If you are here you most likely followed a link from our social media posts to see the entire video.  If you just want to watch the video, don’t worry, the video is here in this blog, but if you want to understand the goal of the post then read this short article:

In our latest family Youtube video, “We sent a camera to the bottom of an old well”, we sent a GoPro camera to the bottom of forgotten well that was recently discovered by a friend while they were clearing their land. Caleb Hayre, who has also appeared on the American Ninja Warrior show for several seasons, invited our family to come over and explore the location. We thought, “What a great opportunity for content marketing!” Exploration videos are one of the best ways to engage with large audiences. We even had one of our exploration videos recently go viral. At this writing it is getting close to 160,000 views. You can watch it here:

Now I know you might be saying, “Well that’s nice but that’s not your target audience”. That’s true, but in the first stage of our sales funnel we are casting a big net for interest and awareness. As most fishermen know, when you cast a big net you’re going to get fish you don’t necessarily want. However, since you caught 50,000 good fish it was a good cast. The free entertainment was our bait to guide our audience to our website and be introduced to our value ladder. Sure, many of the people wanting to see this video are not in need of our services, but still have to go through the Interest/Awareness stage of our funnel on our website to get what they want…the rest of the story. The famous radio personality Paul Harvey used this technique for decades. And millions of anxious listeners waited through the commercial break to listen to the rest of the story. You might be asking yourself, “Yeah, but does this concept really work?” Our answer would be, it just did.



And now…  the rest of the story.




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