What We Do

Marketing Strategy

Many businesses have a hard time telling their story, so we designed a storytelling process that helps them clarify their message, create powerful marketing material, engage their customers, and grow their business. Developing a brand’s marketing strategy requires an investment of your attention and a portion of your marketing budget.   

Marketing strategy is the intentional and strategic approach a company takes in developing and implementing steps that will help their business grow and thrive.

Essentially, it is the outline or blueprint of how to tell one clear message across all your channels. Your marketing strategy provides the guiding principles for all video production, digital marketing, targeted video marketing, copywriting, and web design, used to develop your advertisement.

Video Production

We believe a well told story can set the world on fire. It’s the most powerful way to communicate an idea, and helps you build relationships with your employees and clients. That’s why our goal is learn your story and relate it in a compelling way. Our stories guide your audience to take your desired action.


Targeted Video Marketing

Technology now allows you to reach your audience with amazing specificity, saving you time and money. By targeting your video ads on our Display Networks, you can advertise to your audience at moments that matter. Our team works with you to point your video content directly at your audience. Through a wide variety of targeting methods, such as keyword search history,  demographic groups, interests, and placements, you can reach specific or niche audiences based on who they are, what they’re interested in, and what content they’re viewing.

We work with you to create a Strategic Video Marketing Campaign that guides your audience through your sales process. This involves Creative Concept, Video Production and Targeted Video Marketing. Having video content for the various stages of your funnel helps your audience engage in your message. We then launch and manage a targeted video marketing campaign that guides your audience to your landing page (or one we design for you). From Interest, through Learning, Evaluate, Justify, all the way to Purchase, we use video to move your audience through your sales funnel.

Strategic Video Marketing Campaign