Let Us Help You Write, Produce & Launch Your Online Course

The Problem


Have you ever wanted to leverage your knowledge as a digital product? You’ve probably seen a lot of people doing that online. Maybe even signed up for one of the many online course services like Teachable, Kajabi, Thinkific, etc… but when it comes to marketing, branding, website design, script writing, graphic design, copywriting, and video production you get overwhelmed. Maybe you’ve read several books that tell you how to do it and it sounded really simple at first but as you moved forward you discovered there is a lot of complexity to the whole process.  Well, we think we have an irresistible offer for you. We are New Story Media and award-winning marketing agency. We’ve found many people start the path but get overwhelmed with all the production, marketing, and administration of selling an online course. 

The Solution


You already have some sort of online business (coaching, consulting, affiliates, done for you services, etc.) and a good sense of who you serve and how you serve them. You KNOW that creating an online course is your next big move, one that will create more freedom, impact and income, but have run into false starts every time you’ve tried to do it. You truly feel that you can serve your audience in a unique, powerful and more effective way than the current offerings out there in your market.

We help you from A-Z confidently create your first profitable online course. We have a meticulous,step-by-step, plan that leaves nothing out.

The end result: A 5 to 7-figure long-term ASSET ready to be deployed and profited from for the rest of your entrepreneurial life.

We’re Your Partner in Your Success


Stop trying to figure out everything on your own. Let our experienced team of writers, videographers, editors, graphic designers, and marketers create and launch your course.

Creating an online course from start to finish can be a HUGE headache. There are so many puzzle pieces to fit into place, and most people struggle to “fit” together. Before you blink, you’re finding yourself knee-deep learning 2-5 different new softwares, researching what gear to buy, how to do lighting, how to record sound, learn editing, buying courses on “How to create courses,” and the list goes on. It’s overwhelming, and that’s why most people fail to create great courses.

It doesn’t have to be that complicated. Let our experienced team help you.

Video Production New Story


Course research – Course strategy creation – Course content advising and creation. Modules, lessons, sales video etc.


Our experienced team and high-quality equipment will be there to make sure you look and sound your best. Receive your beautiful course that you are ready to proudly launch.


It’s time to reap the benefits of your hard work. We help you create the best launch possible to assure you enroll the most students. We also create evergreen funnels so that you can enjoy passive income while not working.

When you work with us. 

  • We take you through a step-by-step process for everything start to finish. From the moment you sign up you will start creating your very own online course – do market research, clarify your course idea, name, modules, etc.
  • We will work on one module at a time and help you organize your content in the best way possible.
  • We will film your course, edit and deliver a finished product ready to sell and impact many lives.
  • Mastermind style sessions on how to make the most out of your course once we produce your course – sales, marketing, branding, etc.
  • Help create a successful course launch.
  • Ongoing support after we finish your course.

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