We are a video marketing agency in Houston, TX. We believe story is the most powerful way to communicate an idea. Our goal is learn your story and relate it in a compelling way, because research has proven that people retain messages that illicit an emotion. Our stories guide your audience to take your desired action.

At New Story Media, we believe businesses should get the full impact of video by executing a long-term plan that will reap concrete results. We aren’t talking about a single video, but rather an entire video marketing strategy. We partner with businesses to create a strategy that extends far beyond the initial project. From early interest to the final sale, we work with you to create video content that guides your audience through your sales process while tracking individual viewer data so you better understand your ROI. We bridge the gap between you and your audience with story.

Clover Carroll

Co-founder and CEO of New Story Media

Clover is the CEO of New Story Media… an award winning marketing agency. He’s filmed and produced for large networks like National Geographic and Discovery Channel as well as hosted his own television show. He has extensive experience in the Music Industry and has recorded and produced several albums. He is an Experienced Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Producer, Director, Audio Video specialist and Audio Engineer.

Rachel Carroll

Co-founder, Producer, Writer at New Story Media

With 15 years experience in the industry, Rachel enjoys getting to do what she loves. From line producer to executive producer, to co-hosting with Clover on the travel show, “Down the Road”, Rachel’s talents keep things running smoothly on every project and in the office. She enjoys singing Jazz, reading good books and giving her a kids a Classical education.

Mike Ciesiensky

CTO and Web Developer Genius at New Story Media

Mike owns and directs crystalcore.net. Mike is an entrepreneur and manages both the technical and creative sides of crystalcore.net’s projects, systems, and processes. Before starting crystalcore.net, Mike spent 11 years serving Artistry Labs in many roles: Lead Web Application Developer, Systems Administrator, Customer Service, Production Manager, and I.T. Director.