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Hey everybody. It’s Time to Grow where we help you clarify your message, engage your customers, create powerful marketing material and grow your business. My name’s Clover Carroll and along with my team of marketing geniuses, we help people just like you grow their business. Today we’re gonna talk about the black magic Atem Mini Pro. Are you ready? Check this thing out. Hot off of Amazon, I think it was. You can’t get ’em on B&H right now. They’re back-ordered. Adorama, the same thing. They’re in high demand. Whey are they in high demand? Because everybody is wanting to start their own YouTube show or live stream events because of the COVID crisis and this little device here will help you do it.

This replaces, it’s a one of a kind, it replaces what is a pretty expensive piece of equipment. A Kramer video switcher but it does so much more than that. Let me put a camera over here. One second, I can give you a side view. While I pull this camera over here. I think it’s zoomed in. Great. Because it does the processing inside the unit itself, and the encoding inside. It’s almost a zero latency when you switch it over. And you can go on air straight to live stream to Facebook, to YouTube, to Skype and then just a host of other platforms. And this is not gonna be an instructional video. Just kinda giving you an idea of what it looks like. It’s made of plastic but the buttons seem, it seems professional and has enough weight to it to seem-

It’s got some rubber feet on it right here so that it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna slide anywhere and it’s small enough to not take up too much real estate on your desk. And I think that’s it. I’m gonna do a more deep dive on it here this week and find out all of its features. So what we’re gonna be doing, new story, is we’re gonna be providing some instructional videos here in the next few weeks where we’re gonna show you how to set up a home studio or a small studio at your business.

Now we’re gonna talk about cameras, how to set up a camera. Basics. How to do lighting. How to do audio and then some maybe some basic video switching with maybe the Sling Studios System which we’re filming this with right now. It looks like that. And then the Atem Mini Pro. And talk about other different ways that you can stream. So if that interests you, stay tuned to this channel. We’ll probably have a link down below somewhere. Don’t know what to call-to-action is now but we’re gonna put it together. And that’s it. Onward and upward. Thanks for watching.



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