5 Reasons You Don’t Need A CRM

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5 Reasons Why You DON’T need a CRM

It seems everywhere you turn these days, people are going on and on about how your company needs a CRM. But you know that the LAST thing you need right now is more software to learn.

CRM — or customer relationship management — refers to software that tracks interactions with prospects and customers. If you’ve gotten this far without it, do you really need one?

So here’s 5 reasons you DON”T need a CRM. 

#1. You DON’T want all your contact info kept in one spot. You’ve been running your business on spreadsheets and post-it notes since the beginning,  why change now? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it….

…because a CRM provides a record of your team members entire interaction history with a prospect with one click. Using a CRM would give your team a central location to access customer data to make better sales decisions. 

#2. You DON’T want to save time by using automations for your business.

You’re constantly moving from one system to another.You like your system. It worked for your grandfather— and it works for you.   Do you really want to throw tradition out of the window?  

A CRM integrates all your systems, allowing them to communicate with each other.

If you enjoy spending your time working in various systems and DON’T want any of them to work with one another, don’t get a CRM…and DON’T upset Papa.

#3. You DON’T want to improve your team communication.

Those leads falling through the cracks, especially the big opportunities, keep the sales team guessing…and guessing keeps them on their toes, and this little piggy went to market and marketing is what we’re talking about. 

 If you don’t want to give your sales team a seamless communication system that captures leads, prioritizes them, then helps follow up with those leads at the right time then DON’T use a  CRM. 

And whatever you do…DON”T click the link below. 


STILL here? You should know that having a CRM will have serious side effects on your business.

47% of polled CRM users said that their CRM had a significant impact on customer retention, and an equal percentage said their CRM had a significant impact on customer satisfaction.

(source: Capterra)


65% of businesses adopt a CRM within their first five years.

(source: Capterra)


24% more sales reps achieve annual sales quota with mobile access to their CRM.

(source: Aberdeen Group)

Using a CRM can reduce a company’s marketing costs by 23%.

(source: Cloudswave)


So whatever you do DON’T click the link to schedule a call with one of our awesome team members. 

#4. You DON’T want to boost cooperation across your organization.

In addition to making life easier for individual team members, CRM systems also improve cooperation at the organizational level. Without a CRM, your team spends a lot of time back and forth piecing together the interaction history of their prospects,(which is a great use of their time as opposed to, you know, selling.

Introduce a CRM, and all that quality time back and forth is gone. The CRM can track your prospects’ journey by scoring their interaction with your content and determine if they are getting warmer or growing colder. But who needs that, right?

 #5. You AREN’T interested in growing your business.

If making more money and serving more customers isn’t your thing, hold off on CRM. Keep tradition alive and handle your handful of customers by manually tracking every interaction on post it notes and spreadsheets–and hey, I hear rolodexes are making a comeback…

Using a CRM, on the other hand, would allow you to analyze your salespeople’s activities to find out which lead generation strategies work the best, helping your team close more deals.

But since you don’t want to triple or quadruple revenue in the years ahead, it’s no big deal.

And growth is SUCH a headache. 

And whatever you do, DON’T click the link below. 





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