4 Ways To Overcome Discouragement.

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– Hey, everybody, it’s time to grow. Where we help you clarify your message, engage your customers and grow your business. I’m your host, Clover Carroll. I’m the CEO of New Story Media. And today we’re gonna talk about four ways to overcome discouragement. That’s four ways to overcome discouragement. And I love these. I use them all the time. The first one is, be proactive. We naturally, if we’re depressed, if we’re sad, we naturally do things that are sedentary. So we wanna be proactive. Your will is like a muscle. Either it’s getting stronger or it’s getting weaker. You need to train it. Talk to yourself, instead of listening to yourself. C.S Lewis calls that the dull flickering of the mind. And usually, that dull flickering of the mind, is that kind of condemning thoughts, that you’re not good enough, you don’t have what it takes. So when I mean, talk to yourself, I mean, tell yourself the truth.

I’m not talking about just positive affirmation. I’m talking about the truth. You’re not making up the truth, you’re remembering the truth. That you do have what it takes, and you are working hard. So you need to talk to yourself. And when you catch yourself thinking a wrong thought, you need to catch yourself and talk to yourself. Number two, is have an attitude of gratitude. This is a biggie. Think of things to be thankful for. Personally, in my situation, my son, we discovered two years ago has Friedrich’s Ataxia, which is a life-shortening, neuromuscular, degenerative disease. So, it’s not a really pleasant thing to have, and it’s, and he’s in a wheelchair. And sometimes he’ll get just sad because of the situation. And so we have this exercise of thinking about things to be thankful for. We call it an attitude of gratitude. And if you sit and you think of just three things, to be thankful for, it will change the attitude of your heart. Almost always. So, think of things to be thankful for. Number three is to get accountability. Don’t fight alone. We are not meant to be Lone Rangers in this.

This thing called life. So get some accountability. We’re the average of the five people that we hang around. So if you’re hanging around people that don’t encourage you to be the better you, get some new friends. We’re the average of the five people we hang around. Professional groups, consulting group, a Facebook group, that’s not really one-on-one. You wanna get to where you can be one on one with somebody. Like a church group or a mentor group, or get with a mentor. That’s part of pursuing great people. Number four control what you think about. And here’s the premise, wrong thinking leads to negative emotions. Negative emotions leads to unwise behavior. And unwise behavior leads to devastating consequences. So you wanna think right thoughts. What we allow to enter our minds, is the most important decision we have to make every day. We are a product of our thinking. Our emotions flow from our thoughts. We are what we think. There’s even a scripture that talks about that. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

And the cause of the month that we wanna leave you with is Josh Wooten’s wheelchair. We wanna get Josh, who was diagnosed with FA, at 10 years old. Same age my son was diagnosed with Friedrich’s Ataxia, which is a life-shortening, neuromuscular, degenerative disease. It’s very hard to walk. In fact, most people progress where they can’t walk anymore. This special chair called the IBot will allow him to get eye to eye to people. And it is so encouraging when you can do that, instead of having to look up to people. It allows you to get on sand and a lot of different surfaces that you can’t get on with a regular wheelchair. It’s truly amazing. We’re trying to raise $30,000 for this campaign. Would you consider helping him out? And that’s it. If you need help with your marketing, we would love to talk with you, just visit our website, newstorymedia.com and click the get started link. Onward and upward.



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