Live Streaming or Setting Up A Small Studio?

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Hey, are you considering live streaming or putting together a small video studio for your home or for your business or simply wanting to live stream an event that’s been canceled due to COVID-19? Many people are asking us how do I get a better live video? We’ve been using Zoom and it’s not working out so good. I’m tired of using my laptop or my phone. How do I do a little bit better job? And a quick look at Google Trends shows that a lot of people are looking at live streaming and setting up studios so they can communicate to people virtually. They’re looking for continuing education, to recognize employees, to fundraise, to handle fundraising events, like I just said, or leverage their knowledge as a digital product. We’re putting together a free comprehensive video course to include simple and inexpensive set ups all the way to multi-camera complex set ups but we need your help. Reply to this post and let us know what your one big question is about getting started with live streaming or setting up a home studio so we can address it in the course, as well a live Facebook workshop.



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