3 tips to stay relevant during the CORONA Quarantine. 

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3 tips to stay relevant during the CORONA Quarantine.

– Hey, I’m Clover Carroll. I’m the CEO of New Story Media in downtown Houston, Texas. And along with my team of marketing geniuses, we help people just like you grow their business through a full-funnel conversion system. But that system is kind of disrupted right now because of this COVID-19 virus which we’re all being affected by. And it’s messing up our ability to communicate with our audience and our customer base like we normally would. So today I want to offer you some solutions on how you might be able to communicate to your customer base. And we’ll start with three. So first of all, before I even show you these tips, I want you to go to Google. Go to Google Trends and type in live streaming. And you’re gonna see that live streaming is going through the roof right now. Or it was earlier today. Actually for the last, since March, this is March 17th? For the last three days, four days, it’s been going through the roof. So live streaming, how can you do this?

Well, the first, fastest, free way to do that is with your smartphone. You just go to Facebook which is a free platform. Of course, they’re mining all your data but that’s okay. And you hit live and you broadcast. You can broadcast to your friends, to the public, to a private group if you need to communicate internally to your team. Create a private group and invite your team to do that. Or your customers and do the same thing that way.

If you don’t like Facebook and you don’t want to do that, the next way to live stream, and you can live stream to any platform is with SlingStudio. That’s Facebook and YouTube and I stream, you stream, we all stream, or whatever that joke is. There’s a lot of different platforms and you would do that through a device called the SlingStudio. Which is what we’re using right now to film. And it allows you to hook up professional cameras and then do multi-cameras, up to about 10 cameras, I believe. And so you have a camera there and a camera there and a camera there and camera there. Actually, those are just two cameras we have set up right now. But you can hook up about 10 of them. The rental of this unit would be, I think on. Three places you can rent them that I know of. BorrowLenses, LensProToGo, and ShareGrid. That’s borrowlenses.com, sharegrid.com, and lensprotogo.com. I think it’ll cost you about $200 for seven days, if they’re available, and they might have a couple of units. Maybe three or four, I’m not sure. But since it’s a popular thing, you might want to rent it now. If you want to buy it outright through Amazon, there’s no affiliate link here. I’m not trying to sell you these things. It’ll set you back, just a starter package is about $2,000.

So if you don’t want to do that and you’re in our area, we would love to help you out. Now, this is a service we don’t normally sell, apart from a full-funnel marketing system. Because it’s just not what we sell. But hey, we’re dealing with this COVID-19 virus thing. So if you’re in our area and we can help you out, availability-wise, we’d love to help you do that. And if you want to do that, go to our website. Go to newstorymedia.com and click the Get Started link and you can talk with us about that. Or if you have a question about some other platform that I might be able to help you out with, or you have a question about, that I might know something about, just direct message me or go to the website. Shoot us an email, we’d love to help you. And that’s it. Those are some tips on how you can live stream and communicate to your audience base. Oh, here’s one other thing I wanted to add. So if you’ve got internal meetings, live events, conferences, speaking engagements, if you’re a governmental official and you need to communicate to your constituency, to the public in your area, your district, this is a great thing if you’re a politician. Or maybe you just need to touch base with your customers. This is a great thing to do for live streaming. So there it is, and those are some tips on how you can do it. There’s also a device called Teradek and there’s a whole bunch of other platforms, but the price goes up from there. And that’s it, thanks for watching. Have a good day.




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