Why you need to know the 7 fantastic plot points.

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Why are some stories more engaging than others? Did it leave you with a sense that something was missing? Today we’re going to talk about the seven magnificent plot points. Well, what’s that? Well, I’m gonna give you a little homework after you, we give you the seven magnificent plot points. I want you to go watch a movie or finish reading a book or read a book and then try to decide what the seven plot points are. It’s kind of fun. So here they are, the first plot point and every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Usually, in the story of the hero’s journey, we’re all kind of pre-program for the story called the Hero’s journey.

The first plot point generally is the backstory and the backstory. Haunt’s the central character that sets the story up. Number two is the catalyst that gets the character moving. It’s the part of the stories set up. Think Luke Skywalker. Um, he’s getting, he’s getting, uh, some droids off of some little short people out in the desert and then some storm troopers come in and kill his uncle. Um, and that’s kind of the impetus or the catalyst. That’s what I think. And then the next one is the big event. The big event changes the character’s life and well, what’s that? Well, he, gets that droid and he pops open some, something’s stuck in here Obewan and he sees “help me Obewan your my only hope”. Well, he kind of falls in love with his sister there and it’s Kinda creepy. But this, the big event that keeps moving things moving.

Number four is the midpoint. It’s the point of no return or of the deep moment of motivation. That’s the midpoint. Number five is the crisis. It’s the low point or an event that forces the key decision that leads to your stories and just the crisis all seems lost. But wait, there’s hope. We figured a way out to fix the engine and get off the planet. Number six, the climax. It’s the showdown thing. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader and they’re going to Duke it out, and it’s between the two central characters the good guy and the bad guy and they’re duking it out. And then at the end, of movie number three, I think, then they open a what’s called story loop. It’s a mystery. Luke, I’m your father. What? I wasn’t waiting for that. I was waiting for the realization, the seventh point, and we’ll talk about what a story loop is and another video, but number seven is the realization in it occurs when your character and or the audience sees that the character has changed or has realized something.

We call this the transformation of the hero and every hero generally is transformed into something better than what they were. And in marketing, what we’d like to do is we’d like to take that Hero’s journey story and we’d put it into our storytelling process and we help you walk your customer. Who the hell? Who is the hero through that journey? So they’re the hero. They have a villain, they have a pain ever problem that they have to overcome. You’re the guide that gives empathy, shows authority, imparts belief, and then you give them a plan and you call them to action and you show them what things could be like if they use your service or what the things could be like if they continue in their pain. So love to talk with you more about that. You can go to our website, new story, media.com click the get started link to find out more and start the process. We have some great New Story workshops. If you just need some marketing strategy, we’d love to do that with your teams at your location, at our location, downtown Houston, or even through a video chat. If you have a moment go to our website, NewStoryMedia.com thank you for your time onward and upward.



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