Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing-What’s the difference?

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Outbound Marketing is traditional methods of advertising (i.e. billboards, mailers, television ads, etc). Outbound Marketing broadcasts to a mass audience that isn’t necessarily your target market, and bombards them with ads that may or may not be relevant. It’s expensive to make a big splash, because businesses have to spend more money in hopes to net a bigger share of their true audience.

Inbound marketing is permission-based marketing. It’s a dialogue, not a megaphone. Ads are targeted directly at your niche audience, AND you can track the results. Because it uses voluntary mediums such as valuable content, podcasts, blogs, and social media, the audience is already engaged and open to information about your product or business. Targeted marketing is especially appealing to small businesses because it’s less expensive and has a better ROI. If you don’t have the manpower or know-how yourself, services such as New Story Media’s Marketing Strategy can handle it all for you. Want to find out more about how to get your business utilizing Inbound Marketing?

Starting at the 1:00 minute mark the video below gives even more information about the differences in inbound vs outbound marketing.


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