Do you know the 5 keywords?

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Do you know the 5 keywords?

Today we’re going to talk about the five keywords. What are the five keywords? Well, in video production you have three stages of video production, pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-Production is where you tell the story, you do all the creative concept and that’s where the five keywords live. Production is where you do the filming, and post-production is where you do the editing. So in pre-production we’re doing these five keywords. What are the five keywords? They are the lens to filter every decision for the project, the lens to filter every decision for the project.

They are a great way. Excuse me. They’re a great way to communicate back to your customers that you’re listening to them and they’re a great way to get everyone to agree on the purpose, the goals, and objectives of the project. And here’s how they correspond. They represent the purpose or intent behind the story. They represent inspiration, tone, audience, action, and uniqueness of the story. I’m gonna say those again and I, I like to change them up a little bit. It’s inspiration, difference. What’s the difference? What makes this story different? Who is the audience that we’re aiming this at and what is our target market? What’s the tone or the feeling that we’re trying to create? And then action. What’s the call to action? What do we want our audience to do in marketing, we really have to have that.

We’re not just creating a storage elicit emotion. We want to create an emotion that leads behavior because emotions do lead behavior. So in defining the purpose of the story as a series of single words, we ensure that we’re getting at the essence of the story in the clearest way possible. And there you have it. The five keywords that we use for every project. If you have a moment, go by our website, new story, we’d love to help you tell your story onward and upward.



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