7 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Integrated with Your CRM

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Let’s be honest, most companies understand the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) and yet many fail to implement a system to track these interactions. It’s true, implementing a CRM system is crucial but it’s just as important to integrate this system with your company website. 


But what does this mean exactly and why does it matter so much?


Let’s take a closer look at the importance of integrating your website and CRM.


7 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Integrated with Your CRM


  1. Extracting Critical Data in Real Time


As you know, data is everything in terms of company performance and this is especially true when the company website is integrated with your CRM. In other words, this integration allows for immediate and up-to-date data which can help the company assess and improve in many areas. For instance, customer representatives can see precisely what customers are buying in real time and exactly what areas of the company website they are using the most.


  1. Automating Admin and Improving Accuracy


Automation is on the rise and integrating the company website with your CRM is an excellent way to automate many aspects of administration. At the same time, integrating these two systems will inevitably save on time and remove the need for manual labor when it comes to certain mundane tasks. For example, tiresome jobs such as data entry can be fully automated with absolute accuracy.


  1. Streamlining the Contacts of Your Company


Most traditional systems end up accumulating multiple contacts for various individuals and businesses. While this is inevitable, integrating the company website with your CRM can remove duplicate contacts and combine details for the same people/businesses into one entry. Needless to say, this can save staff time in terms of locating the most accurate contact information. On the other hand, this integration will also ensure that duplicate or inaccurate contacts does not happen going forward.


  1. Better Data and Improved Conversion Rates


CRM is incredibly efficient at picking out the most practical pieces of information for the purpose of customer profiling. What’s more, integrating the company website will provide a much wider range of data which will enable the company to communicate with these customers more effectively. Simply put, the CRM can improve the accuracy of marketing, while the website can track impressions, clicks, and conversion rates.


  1. Improved User Experience and Sales Process


It’s true, integrating the website and CRM enables companies to track various metrics. At the same time, integrating these systems will also increase sales due to the improved quality of the actual leads. While web design and content are incredibly important, it must be said that integrating these systems will shorten the sales process and improve the overall user experience in the process.


  1. Faster Response and Extracting Data


When you integrate your website and CRM, you can quickly assign customers to the right page, person or piece of content in an instant. After all, you now have ample information on this customer and most likely already know what they want or need. Also, automating this system will ensure a faster response time than if you were to continue with manual methods of response. As if that’s not enough, this system will usually extract further data from the customer which can be used at a later time.


  1. Minimizing Customer Churn


With better response times and efficient user experience, the company can reduce the churn rate. 


Think about it, you have now automated customer feedback, customer service and many of the factors that tend to motivate visitors to leave a site in the first place. Either way, integrating your website and CRM will reduce the churn rate which is only a good thing.


Final Thoughts


Believe it or not, integrating your website and CRM is not rocket science and easily implemented. More importantly, this process can greatly enhance any business and streamline various touch-points in the company that will inevitably increase sales and improve user experience at the very least.


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