Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?

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You probably know who your target audience is, but are you finding them online and driving them to your website?  The internet now allows us to specifically target groups of people in niches that were formerly difficult to locate with traditional means of marketing.  You want to reach them in the groups they hang with online, and now it’s super easy to get started on the search. In his book, Dotcom Secrets (an invaluable resource for online businesses), Russell Brunson compares searching for your audience to prospecting for gold. Once you find a vein…follow it until you mine it all! An easy way to begin is Googling your keywords plus the word forum.  Or do a search for groups related to your keywords on Facebook.  Do you know of newsletters your customers subscribe to? Buy ad space in those newsletters. New Story Media offers cutting edge marketing tools to help locate your target market. Reach out to your online audience today!


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