Quick and Easy Guerrilla Marketing

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First of all…what is Guerilla Marketing?

The element of surprise can be a powerful marketing weapon, making your brand stand out among the thousands of ads competing for attention. It relies on creative, out-of-the-box delivery that makes your audience stop and pay attention, and doesn’t always require a lot of dough. The sky is the limit, just be sure and keep your tactics friendly and easily removable.

Some brands get super daring, such as the underwear ad on the bull, others employ a simple chalk drawing.  Check out the creative ideas these companies used to draw attention to their brand:

While you may not have the resources these brands do, guerrilla marketing is absolutely approachable and should be considered as another marketing tool to ad to your arsenal. Here are some easy to employ methods you can use right away:


  • Outdoors: Adding something easily removable to a preexisting fixture, like chalk art on the sidewalk or creative decor to a light post.
  • Indoors: Employing the same easily removable creative tactics in an indoor location like shops, campuses and malls.
  • Public Events: Pop up with your creative idea at an event where your market is already gathering, (downtown events, tailgate parties, concerts) and leverage the audience to promote your business.



At New Story Media, we enjoy thinking out of the box, and we’d love to work with you to help you grow your business. Get started today on your targeted marketing campaign!


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