Don’t Tell Your Customers… Show Them!!!

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Many of us have, at one point or another, had to assemble something for the first time, repair something we didn’t know how to, of cook something completely off our menu. When doing so, we often look to a source for step by step instructions or some kind of explanation as to what in the world we are even looking at. While books are adequate and photos even better, nothing can accomplish the “Show and Tell” quite like video.

Explainer video and instructional videos make up a good percentage of Youtube and Vimeo content. From how to change your brake pads to the latest features on the hottest new toy, you can find a video explaining almost anything. Let’s take a look at why this is so effective.

Video allows you to convey more details with less words in a shorter amount of time. Need proof? Imagine reading the latest novel then going to see the movie rendition. Both tell the same story, but which one takes more time? Also, where text requires a written description of all the elements involved, video can show that location of something, its size, color shape, all without uttering a single word. On top of that, our brains process all that info thousands of times faster from video versus text.

You may be thinking, “But it’s easier to sit down and type out instructions than set up a whole video production, plus it’s cheaper.” You would not be wrong, but consider this. When you do not effectively communicate product details and features, your potential customers get confused, and when you confuse, you lose. Ineffective communication of product features will undoubtedly lead to lost sales and lower revenue. Also, explainer videos can successfully reduce your support calls by offering visual walkthroughs and troubleshooting for common consumer issues. This effectively lowers the number of calls your support staff must field, reducing labor costs and adding money to the bottom line.

Explainer videos can be as simple as a person in front of a camera handling the product and talking about it, to a full-on product demonstration and operation. You can be as creative or technical as you desire while communicating efficiently and effectively with current and potential customers.

In review, video production for new products going to market or current products should be of high consideration for developers and launchers. Effective communication of product specs and features will lead to high sales, less support calls, and an increased bottom line. And don’t worry, we will be making the video version of this blog soon. 😉

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