An Overview Of Customer Relationship Management

What’s A CRM?


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is technology that manages all customer and prospect relationships and interactions. This is a critical tool for inbound marketing.  CRMs allow businesses to manage relationships with customers, helping businesses grow.

How Do I Use A CRM?

If your CRM is the engine that runs your business, the fuel that runs this engine is your automations. What’s an automation? It’s a really clever way to engage with your customers or prospects without you or your team having to do it. Your automations are like your sales team… a sales team that you don’t have to pay. They’re a series of pre-written actions your customers and prospects will go through while they engage in your content. These actions guide them through a sales funnel, converting prospects from marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads. Best of all, your audience will be delivered content they really want. This content is called a lead generator. Check out the illustration on the left to see how it works.

What is Inbound Marketing?

We are an inbound marketing company. Today, technology has changed how people obtain information and consequently, marketing has undergone a massive transformation. Outbound marketing tactics, like television and radio advertising, are not as effective as they once were. Now comes the age of inbound marketing, driven by the internet and social media.

 Inbound marketing refers to marketing strategies that focus on pulling audiences in instead of going out to get prospects’ attention. This type of marketing pulls visitors in, increases brand exposure, and creates brand authority through the creation of valuable content.

Developing a brand’s marketing strategy requires an investment of your attention and a portion of your marketing budget.

Marketing strategy is the intentional and strategic approach a company takes in developing and implementing steps that will help their business grow and thrive.

Essentially, it is the outline or blueprint of how to tell one clear message across all your channels. Your marketing strategy provides the guiding principles for all video production, digital marketing, targeted video marketing, copyrighting, and web design used to develop your advertisement.