When you visit a web site, whether it be Fox News, Forbes, Fortune, CNN…actually any
high-traffic web site with video content) and you select a video to watch you first see a commercial.
Those commercials are 30 seconds long, and you have the option of opting out 15
seconds in. We give you access to those commercial spaces in blocks of 10,000 impressions.


You provide us with raw video (or, as a less-preferred
alternative, still photos) which we then turn into a
30-second commercial. Displayed next to the commercial is
a static frame that may contain your logo or other pertinent
information. At the end of the commercial, a still screen can
include your logo, web site, or whatever other information
you’d like. The video itself can be “clickable” to whatever
URL you give us.


We would then work with you to develop the target demographics (based on geography,
income, recent search history, etc.) and we can even determine things like what time of day
the video is shown if we have information that would be helpful to setting those parameters.
There are more than 15,000 high traffic sites on which the video has the potential to appear,
although we see the most hits from news and investments sites. However, if someone who
meets our criteria is checking out baseball highlights they might see the video on ESPN, or if
they’re looking at local news might see it at Boston.com. We follow the person based on the
targeting. We also monitor the criteria along the way to make sure the pace of the impressions
is meeting expectations, and make changes as necessary.


Your video continues to run to viewers who fall within the target criteria until the video has
been viewed 10,000 times. We have seen an average of 60-70% of viewers watch the video
all the way to the end, a huge increase over the average watch-through rate of commercials.
The video window is also clickable and linked to your preferred website for further online

Unique Advantage

This is a strong listing product and a strong branding
product, and we are willing to work with you to create an
exclusive geographic area so you are the only agent at
a listing presentation with this tool in your arsenal. With
this product you can offer the kind of targeted digital
advertising that sets you apart and generates leads, and
you can do so at an affordable price point.


Pre-Com video marketing campaigns start at $1850 for 10,000 views.
• Cost savings on larger quantity campaigns.
• Price includes basic production to make Pre-Com from existing client video.
• Additional production services available.

Example High Traffic Websites

Forbes • Fortune • CNN • Fox News • WSJ • USA Today • The New York Times • Country Living
The Economist • Men’s Health • Sports Illustrated • The New Yorker • Popular Mechanics •
Esquire • The Weather Channel • Vanity Fair • InStyle • The Los Angeles Times •The Daily Caller
GQ • Pandora • Yahoo… over 10,000 high traffic sites.