Help us tell stories of victims of hospital protocols vaccine injuries and deaths

My name is Clover Carroll and I am the CEO of New Story Media. we’re an award-winning marketing agency and have produced for National Geographic, Discovery channel The Learning Channel and investigate discovery. On August 1, 2021 my mother was taken from me by medical malfeasance. She was denied proven therapeutics. She was placed on a ventilator, sedated, and paralyzed. We fought the Hospital in court to treat her with proven therapeutics but we lost. Like so many she died alone and afraid. We never got to say goodbye. If you haven’t noticed the world has changed. The freedom we once had is gone. And the only thing left to do is fight for it. 


We’re on a mission to wake up the sheep and fight off the wolves. The sheep are those who don’t know and the wolves are those who do not want to know and are fighting to keep others from knowing.

We are producing stories of victims of hospital protocols, vaccine injuries and deaths. These stories are broadcast to the world on social media, blog posts, sub stack, and new non-censoring freedom platforms. 

Our goal is to educate the public with the truth and to assist attorneys in filing cases on behalf of these victims. These stories take time, production crews, social media managers, travel,  and other costs. 

We are raising funds to tell the most critical story of our lifetime. We’ve joined forces with the former feds freedom foundation. These stories will be part of the world’s largest online resource for information regarding individual victims of the disastrous protocols including Remdesivir and the concerted effort to deny COVID victims safe and effective alternatives to expensive and often deadly EUA drugs.


Any amount helps. If you decide to join the fight will keep you updated on a to-be- determined platform Help us produce these stories so we can get justice for the lives already taken. We are not victims. We are survivors. Too many victims get stuck asking, “why” , but survivors ask, “what can I do about it?” …  Join our fight. 



Gail Seiler’s Story


We have chosen Give Send Go because of their commitment to freedom and liberty. We have confirmed our campaign is within their guidelines and term of services so we can rest assured they will not cancel our campaign.