Company Profile Film

The story of your business

What things, actions, and concepts does your company value?

You likely talk about them when courting future clients. Statements like “customers come first”, or “we believe in excellence”, or “we are dedicated to giving back”. While all of these are very nice they really do nothing to differentiate your company in the marketplace. In fact they are more or less meaningless in the marketplace. What company would not say these things? Most mission statements or core values really begin to start to sound the same. There is nothing original about them.

The truth is, nobody cares about your company values unless you give them a reason to.

New Story Media knows that you truly believe in your values. So how do you make your values come to life? How do you make somebody care that you care about something? Telling a great story is the answer.

We start by examining your mission statement and making a list of your company values. Then, through our pre-interview process, we speak with your leadership and employees and find examples where those values were/are at work. We also look at successful transactions with customers to discover moments in your company’s history where your company exemplified your values.

 This is where the magic happens

New Story Media then produces a branded content short form cinematic film that brings your story to life.  Then we make it available on all platforms and devices and provide you with tools to measure its impact. We can even target new customers for you based on the demographic you provide.